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Visualisation is a process of creating internal pictures to help you "visualise" a situation or outcome. Another way to think of it is as mental role-play through which you rehearse an experience to achieve the required outcome. This short video guides you through how to do a successful visualisation process.

Some people find it much easier to visualise than others but, with practice, it can be a really powerful tool to help a leader develop their personal power and motivation to carry out an action that they have already experienced internally through their mental imagery. Scenarios where visualisation may be useful for a leader to rehearse their performance and outcome might include:

  • Preparation for observing a colleague's lesson.

  • Preparation for giving feedback to a colleague and/or having a difficult conversation.

  • Rehearsal of a monitoring activity such as a learning walk or work scrutiny.

  • Preparation for a presentation to stakeholders.

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