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The SLi Toolkit

Planning and reflection tools for school leaders

These planning and reflection tools are available to download immediately to assist school leaders in a range of self-evaluation activities.

30-day ACTION PLAN.png

The 30-day action plan supports the Stage 2 (Development) stage of the SLi action plan but is also a useful planning approach for middle and senior leaders to adopt with regard to self-evaluation and school improvement.

Reflection Canvas.png

The reflection canvas provides a structured process and prompts for a leader to review their behaviour and consider the outcomes from a situation.

Toolkit for SLi Facilitators

The 18 behavioural elements have been mapped to over 100 tools and techniques that will support a leader's development including tried and tested solutions from the disciplines of coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), emotional intelligence and psychology. 

SLi Facilitators are trained to analyse and interpret the 3-stage action plan in order to identify the most appropriate tools and techniques for each individual leader.
Through the online training program, facilitators are supplied with a comprehensive handbook and a series of demonstration videos and instructions to guide leaders through the relevant activities. Facilitators also have access to a range of additional resources to support and challenge leaders as they develop their contribution to the school's self-evaluation and improvement agendas.

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