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Explore the SLi

The SLi framework identifies six dimensions of leader behaviour, each with three constituent elements. It is the combination and balance across these 18 elements that form the basis of an individual leader's behaviour in any given situation.


The SLi is the educational version of Hunter's Effective Leader Inventory, developed by Dr Lesley Hunter through extensive research and practical experience with leaders.

In these short video extracts, Lesley explores each of the SLi dimensions in further detail and explains the relevance of the individual behaviours to school leaders, self-evaluation and school performance.


Who are you as a leader and how do your values drive your behaviour?


Why are you a leader and what are you trying to achieve?

How congruent are your thoughts, words and actions as a leader?



How self-aware and flexible are you as a leader?


How do you interact with others as a leader?


How do you engage to achieve your outcomes as a leader?

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