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Dennison's Laterality Repatterning

This is a very specific tool that is based on Dr Paul Dennison's work in the registered programme Brain Gym. It can be used as a technique to stimulate the nerve connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which in turn integrates and facilitates learning, but can also be used to relieve stress and anxiety and promote whole body balance.

Laterality Repatterning is focused on a series of movements that combine visual, auditory and kinaesthetic elements.

  • Cross Crawl involves lifting a knee and touching it with the opposite hand (e.g. left knee/right hand and right knee/left hand).

  • Homolateral (Puppet) Crawl involves raising the same arm and leg at the same time (e.g. left arm/left leg and right arm/right leg).

  • Humming and Counting out loud encourages auditory processing while eye movements (looking down/left and up/right) stimulate the different hemispheres of the brain.

Integration Metaphors help to focus and visualise both hemispheres of the brain integrating when the hands and fingers are brought together.

The typical benefits felt by someone after completing the movement sequence are:

  • an increase in focus

  • a sense of calm

  • a greater ability to concentrate

  • improved ability to learn new information

More information on Brain Gym tools and techniques can be found in the following sources.

  1. Dennison, P. & Dennison, G. (1994) Brain Gym® Teacher's Edition Revised. Ventura, CA: Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc.

  2. Dennison, P. & Dennison, G. (1997) Brain Gym® Handbook, Second Edition. Ventura, CA: Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc.

The downloadable document guides through each of the stages in the repatterning sequence. In the following images, I demonstrate the full movement sequence to clear the mind and create head-space for a leader to allow their intuition and logical thought processes to balance. 

sequence 1.png
sequence 2.png
sequence 3.png
sequence 4.png
sequence 5.png
sequence 6.png
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