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Expectations (Control) Map

This tool is a quick way of visually presenting where the control for an activity sits and can be used in multiple ways. For example, by identifying a specific activity or outcome, the map can be used to highlight Expectations as well as for identifying lines of Responsibility and/or Accountability. It can also be framed differently to help a leader identify a specific event and understand what is within their sphere of Influence (and what is not) thereby help them to accept what they can and cannot control in that situation. 

Control Map.png

An accountability map is basically a control map based around a specific activity or outcome where the frame for the activity is based around the following question.

What are you/others accountable for in relation to this activity?

Creating an accountability map is extremely useful for reflection on a retrospective situation but the tool can also be used as an anticipatory technique to consider lines of accountability for an activity that is still being planned or has yet to happen.

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