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How the SLi works

Explore your behaviour in the 6 dimensions

The SLi presents your diagnostic scores in the 6 behavioural dimensions and compares against the averages from other school leaders. This gives you a numerical and visual comparison and also shows the relative higher and lower scoring dimensions as well as illustrating the balance across your behaviour.

Explore your internal and external behavioural balance

The SLi highlights the balance between your internal (self) behaviour and the manifestation of this through your engagement and external (observable) behaviour shown to others.

Explore your performance and well-being balance 

The SLi highlights the balance in your behaviours that contribute to both your performance and well-being.

Benchmark your behaviour against other school leaders

The SLi benchmarks your scores, in each of the 18 behavioural elements, against a database of other school leaders.

Unpick and reflect on each of the 18 behavioural elements

The SLi provides detailed commentary against each of the 18 behavioural elements in the framework, including guidance on how to support and maintain each of these behaviours.

Review and implement your unique action plan

The SLi provides a 3-stage action plan and identifies the behaviours relevant to each stage. This should equip you with sufficient detail to establish your ongoing personal and professional development pathway as a leader. 

Work with an SLi Facilitator

This series of videos will help you work through your own SLi report to interpret the different profiles produced. However, to get maximum benefit, it is recommended you work with a trained SLi facilitator.

Facilitators are trained to support the interpretation of the SLi report and action plan but also have access to a resource bank of tools, techniques and templates to support coaching and longer term development pathways.


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