The School Leader Inventory

Education is calling for a new breed of leader

The School Leader Inventory (SLi) is a suite of resources to help you accelerate development, improve performance and maintain the well-being of critical leaders in your school.

The framework and online diagnostic are

It puts you in charge of the pace and implementation of behavioural change by helping to develop a shared vocabulary for leaders and builds internal capacity to support your ongoing professional development, self-evaluation and school improvement agendas.
Train in-house staff as resident facilitators and build your school's internal leadership capacity
Schools that have adopted and used the SLi have seen it drive and accelerate school improvement, develop authenticity in their school self-evaluation and improve external inspection ratings. 

Equip your leaders with the behaviours they need


42% of school leaders almost always believe in themselves as a leader but nearly 10% rarely or never do 


Only 29% of school leaders are secure in their own self-worth as a leader in almost all situations

The SLi framework identifies the most relevant behaviours for school leaders with a particular focus on how they contribute to authentic, evidence based school self-evaluation and improvement. Sharing the vocabulary and behavioural definitions will help to develop consistent and congruent behaviour in your leaders that will support them as they tackle the current challenges in education.


Download the framework

School leaders are under immense pressure and scrutiny

87% of school leaders believe they develop trust in their followers


81% of school leaders believe they hold their colleagues to account


The online SLi diagnostic is a powerful analytical tool that benchmarks an individual leader's behaviour against over 600 other school leaders to produce a comprehensive personal profile report and action plan.

Take the diagnostic


Once you have completed the diagnostic, go to How SLi works page for guidance and videos showing how to interpret your profile report.

Self-care must be a priority for all school leaders


20% of school leaders are afraid of experiencing failure with only 29% regularly reflecting to learn from their mistakes


Only 30% of school leaders believe they have the capacity to manage their own emotional state and wellbeing in most situations

The SLi toolkit is a series of techniques to help leaders focus their attention and development on the specific behaviours identified in their action plan. It is available to resident facilitators and puts your school in control of professional development by providing the most appropriate tools and techniques to support your own leaders at every stage of their development.

How the SLi can help your school

Flip the cards to see how the SLi can be used in your school


The real power of the SLi already lies within your school

The resident facilitator program costs £279 per person and is the best investment your school can make. It is a 6-week online program that will guide you through how to use the SLi to build internal capacity within your own leaders and leadership teams.


Data based on research with over 600 school leaders using Hunter's Effective Leader Inventory